Despite being far from Portugal, Japan has always been a reference for us, especially for the beauty of its territory and the immense respect for artisanal traditions.

Storied magazine shows the real Japan through its pages, avoiding commonplaces and promoting lesser-known parts of this fascinating country. Founded by British journalist Rachel E T Davies and creative Hana Tsukamoto, the publication is inspired by Japan's people, places, crafts, and traditions, sharing stories unearthed across an archipelago of alluring culture. Storied celebrates the notion of slow and sustainable journalism, touching personal narratives, and considered recommendations for the conscientious explorer.

The magazine's first issue takes us on a journey to an unknown Kyoto: from everyday life in the city, the forests and coastline, Wazuka tea and the world of traditional tattoos. In the second issue, the Japanese islands are the central theme, visiting locations in Amami Oshima, Sado, and the Seto Inland Sea, in a true collection of places unknown and untold tales.