Other Means

From the creators of Far Ride magazine, one of our favourite cycling publications, comes Other Means, also dedicated to two-wheel adventure. The new magazine's mission is to tell stories and capture rides that share the human side of cycling because every journey is personal, and they, like us, choose to enjoy theirs by bike. For the editors of Other Means "cycling, at its core, is movement—a way to get from point A to point B and beyond. But for many, riding a bike represents so much more. A means of escape, discovery and exploration. An opportunity to make friends and create communities. A way to push past our comfort zones into the wilds of the unknown. Riding a bike affords us the opportunity to appreciate the details in between. To create beautiful objects, tell stories and explore the near and the far. When we ride, we connect with other people—the bike acting as a catalyst for conversation and a vehicle for introspection. It offers a way of unraveling life’s complications and making sense of the world in which we live. Cycling allows us to extend our horizons and enjoy the freedom of movement—stopping and starting on a whim. To live our lives by other means."