For a country like Portugal, the sea has always been linked to our history and lifestyle, be it for discoveries, fishing, and more recently for surfing. At Ideal & Co, the ocean has always been one of our greatest inspirations, a true escape and a means of stimulating our imagination.

Sirene magazine captures the essence of the sea perfectly and is one of our favourite adventure publications. Founded in 2015 by Alberto Coretti and Floriana Cavallo, Sirene (mermaid in Italian) aims to bring people closer to the sea through an emotional, cultural and scientific approach. On the pages of this Italian magazine, we find content that celebrates the oceans' beauty and diversity, from articles about protecting marine life and discovering secluded beaches to a boat odyssey around the globe.

In the 12th issue of Sirene, the focus is on the celebration of bodysurfing, Paul Theroux and Hawaii, the Greek island of Anafi, Giacomo De Stefano's adventures, the art of Japanese swimming, Sakamoto's Swim Club and more.

"Unlike other media dealing with sea sports and activities, Sirenes's approach is never technical but always emotional."