Created in Barcelona in 2016, Herdes magazine has become a reference due to the intersection between travel and fashion. Inspiring and bold, the collectable hardcover publication always gives us a unique insight into each destination through interviews with artists, designers and creatives from that place, looking at the world of global style with a local perspective.
In issue 10 of the magazine, Herdes travelled to the Azores to discover the character and history of these Portuguese islands that inspire us so much at Ideal & Co.
"Its volcanic geography and the obsessive creations of extravagant gardeners have turned these islands into a giant greenhouse where infinite species of flowers and plants of all kinds grow, brought from the most remote corners of the planet. They call it the European New Zealand, because of its vertiginous cliffs, its exotic vegetation and the love of surfing thanks to the strong winds and exaggerated waves. But nature is not all, its history and its strategic location during the conquests of the Americas, has made the Azores an effervescent place of traditions, culture and in recent years, a place of inspiration for artists."