Open Spaces

Recently launched in New York, Open Spaces is a bi-annual print magazine focused on the intersection of art, travel, and the outdoors. Founded and edited by Yara Akkari, the magazine examines the relationship between humans and nature by looking into the complex beauty of the latter seeking to explore uncharted destinations, unique journeys, personal stories and artist practices that are connected with, and rooted in nature.
The first issue explores Land Art, visiting one of the seminal examples of this genre, Robert Smithson's 'Spiral Jetty' in deepest Utah, through the piece 'The Great Artdoors' by the writer Diana Irvine.
In addition, the it treks through the Italian Dolomites to a Zaha Hadid-designed mountain museum; stays at a refurbished historic posada in Tucson, Arizona; and learns why artists still study the clouds in an age when smartphones encourage us to look downward. They also delve into an authentic history of the Black community's relationship with the outdoors and how contemporary initiatives increase access to green spaces for minority groups.
Yara Akkari describes the importance of 'The Great Artdoors' to the magazine: "When our creative director Eri Miyagi and I imagined the first issue, we imagined just this: an open landscape, a work of art and a personal journey. A road trip that combines elements of art and travel, with nature and natural spaces as central. The road that takes you to some of these Land Art works can be dirty, bumpy, and you can get easily lost - a nice metaphor of life in general. This integration of ideas and places is what drives the purpose of our magazine."