Quinta do Vallado

After crossing Peso de Régua bridge, with the Lapiás weekend bag in the luggage compartment, the magnificent view of Quinta do Vallado is a presage of a well-spent time. The calm, the beauty of the vineyards and the exemplary integration of the new with the old are the first things that attract attention. Built in 1716, Quinta do Vallado belongs to the descendants of the iconic Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira for six generations and is today one of the great examples of the things made in Portugal, both in terms of wines and rural tourism. In addition to the brilliant design of the new cellar and hotel buildings, both by the architect Francisco Vieira de Campos, the attention to detail is exemplary, from the use of local materials to the decoration of common spaces and rooms with strategic views over the vineyards. Not to miss the picnic by the river, the dinners washed down with the farm's wines and the pool surrounded by orange trees. Alternatively, you can stay in the beautiful Casa do Rio at Quinta do Orgal, acquired by Vallado in 2009.