Travelling is one of the things we like to do the most, and the Mediterranean is one of our favourite destinations, be it for the climate or the cultural diversity. Maquis magazine, entirely dedicated to Corsica, is an independent publication that transports us to the unique environment of this French island in the Mediterranean.

Celebrating beauty, authenticity and wild Corsica off the beaten track, the magazine serves as a guide to this destination, showing insider places, wild nature, inspiring landscapes, island traditions and local gastronomy captured by talented contributors.

In the third issue of Maquis, the route starts in the North of the Island: Land in Calvi and admire the village of Sant'Antonino upon the hill, as well as the unspoiled Bay of Crovani. Stroll along the Aldilonda, which blends in seamlessly with the Bastia coast and take a leisurely break inside the Nebbiu vegetable garden. You then travel upwards in order to admire the purity of Asco's snow-capped mountains; then, immerse yourself in the historic character of Muna and look towards the starry sky, far from light pollution. Finally, descend to the south of the island to enjoy the natural pools of Purcaraccia. Admire the limestone sculpted by time in Pertusatu, and complete the tour in Tizzano with its end-of-the-world aura. The route is punctuated by invigorating walks, moments seemingly suspended in time, and emblematic steps.