Carryology magazine visited our HQ and we loved the article, here’s an excerpt:

…In today’s modern market, dominated by chemical-treated hides, only a handful of families work with leather the Antonio Vieira way. In name, vision and ethic, Ideal & Co is breathing new life into this largely forgotten heritage. They are not only paying homage to Antonio and the ethos and era he represents, but are reviving those very traditions, and clearing a fresh space for them in the here and now.

“Our brand has its origins in the past,” José said. “We have a lot of heritage in the brand, and we try to work this heritage: to do things like before, but adapt to the present, to the future.”

Passionate is one word to describe Lima’s vibe; authentic is the other. Ideal & Co creates products from 100% vegetable-tanned leather: lasting pieces made with superior quality materials and workmanship – all of it sourced from the same region in which Antonio Vieira built his legacy 80 years ago. They pride themselves on sharing, in their terms, the richness of what is genuinely ‘Made in Portugal’…