I Wish I Could Drive These Roads Forever

In addition to being one of the photographers who took pictures for Ideal & Co, Rui Gaiola is one of the talents that we regularly share the work on our Instagram. His travel photography is especially appealing for its dramatic scenery, endless landscapes and unexpected locations. To show his favourite adventures, Rui Gaiola released the book I Wish I Could Drive These Roads Forever with the support of Ideal & Co.
We interviewed Rui to know more about the book:

What motivated you to launch the book?
My background is in graphic design, and books have always been part of my bookshelves. This passion for books has become even more significant with photography and travel, and nothing better than seeing, feeling and smelling a book. Making a photography book has always been a thought that accompanied me throughout my travels. It came to life, and finally, there it is. In short, having my travels in a book and sharing them with people who also like to travel is the main objective of launching a book.

Of all the trips you present in the book, which one was the most striking?
All trips are unique and special, but it is impossible to remain indifferent and not choose Iceland. Expectations were high, but that country can surprise you at every sight or kilometre. I love it for being a volcanic island, for the glaciers, for the big waterfalls, for the landscapes' colours; basically for being the paradise for those who like nature and photography.

In an era when we all take photographs quickly, what does photography mean to you?
It's a passion that mixes my profession and leisure times. At each moment, it has a different meaning for me, sometimes personally and others professionally. It is a way for me to communicate and keep places and memories, which is the true meaning of photography. I try to find the balance between what I photograph and the final purpose so that each photography's importance makes sense to me.

What motivates you to choose a new destination for an adventure?
I am passionate about nature, mountains and snow, and moved by exploring new and incredible places. I want to experience places that fill my soul.

What trip would you like to do and haven't done yet?
Greenland, without a doubt, and I still haven't done it for financial reasons. Travelling to Greenland is extremely expensive, whether for the plane tickets, the stay or the food. But it is definitely at the top of the list of places I want to visit soon.