Rucksack Magazine

Rucksack is a printed bi-annual publication and one of our favorite magazines. They celebrate both written and visual storytelling and are driven by their passion for adventure and photography. They began in 2016 as an online journal and after half a dozen printed issues they have become one of the most exciting magazines. Their stories have no limits nor boundaries, they have a thirst for adventure and explore the four corners of the world, from Marfa to the Caucasus Mountains. Issue 6 explores the theme of endless: deserted landscapes stretching beyond the limits of our imagination. Through ‘Endless’, Rucksack magazine showcases vast, open deserts, desolate wastelands, and roads cutting through dunes into the horizon. With visual stories from places such as the Namib Desert, Death Valley, and the Atacama, the pages of issue 6 glow with that fractured gleam of long, intense sunsets. It is easy to celebrate their effortless beauty, but they also explored the reality of what it means to face something that feels endless and the negatives that can sit alongside this. A must-read.